Thursday, June 10, 2004

Give Me That Old-Time Religion 

If I understand this latest Republican brainstorm correctly, allow me to make the following the suggestion. If the law passes, every liberal advocacy group should immediately reincorporate as a church. NARAL could become Our Lady of the Inviolate Uterus, for example, and MoveOn PAC could become the Church of the Postponed Apocalypse. Tenets would be simple: followers would have to speak in complete sentences and renounce torture and kleptocracy. From then on, every ad and political endorsement would carry the disclaimer from the Rev. Zack Exley or St. Kate Michelman that they are "acting as a private citizen and not on behalf of his religious organization." Voila! Every donation would become tax deductible. No more pesky sec. 527 lawsuits either. Hallelujah!

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