Saturday, June 26, 2004

Don't you think we should Google Bomb Cheney with "fuck you"? 

Not an original sentiment, to be sure, but can we google bomb Dick "Dick" Cheney like this:

"fuck you!"

Here's the HTML code for you to use in your own blog:

The google bomb for Bush, "miserable failure", is working just fine!

Of course, this site is number one in the Google rankings right now for Fuck you but maybe with some effort, we can make Cheney #1!

Isn't it a clear indication of the fundamental unseriousness of today's Republican party that for them, the "F word" is fuck, while for us, the "F word" (see lexicon at right) is fascism?

And while for Republicans, with a dreadful mixture of machismo and coyness, fuck is used only indirectly and with a sanctimonious smirk, for Democrats fascism is the linchpin of a serious effort to use history to understand our current predicament: In fact, we tend not to use the word fascism since it can bring an end to conversation.

Which is, come to think of it, pretty much what fuck did, isn't it?

So, Dick—fuck you, too. Gee, that felt good.

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