Saturday, June 26, 2004

Bush on the road: An ignorant, petty-minded, vindictive national embarassment 

I'm printing most of the AP story, since it's so amazing. No, cancel that. What's amazing is that it doesn't raise an eyebrow anymore.

Interrupt President Bush one too many times and he won't let you talk to his wife.

The White House canceled Radio and Television Ireland's scheduled interview of First Lady Laura Bush during her short stay here for the U.S.-European Union summit, the president's spokesman Scott McClellan said Saturday.

He didn't say why, but the reason for the decision was clear: The White House didn't like the news organization's interview with the president at the White House last Thursday.
(via AP)

That was one of the vindictive parts.

During the interview, Bush became exasperated with his questioner, who seemed intent on controlling the discussion.

That was the petty-minded part. What, Inerrant Boy can't handle an interview? The only situation He's comfortable in is one of those fake "conversations" where He's guaranteed a standing ovation? Say it isn't so!

In one exchange, Bush made the point that Saddam Hussein had used weapons of mass destruction against Iraqis.

"Indeed, Mr. President, but you didn't find the weapons of mass destruction," the interviewer shot back.

"Let me finish," Bush said. "Let me finish, please. Please. You ask the questions and I'll answer them, if you don't mind.

That was the ignorant part.

Three more times he scolded the interviewer:

- "Let me finish, please. Please. Let me finish, and then you can follow up, if you don't mind."

- "Let me finish."

- "Please. Please. Please, for a minute, OK. It'll be better if you let me finish my answers, and then you can follow up, if you don't mind."

Sounds like the interviewer wasn't giving proper deference to the Boy Emperor.

You know, if Bush was running for dog-catcher—or goat-catcher—and His local paper published that exchange, He wouldn't get a single vote, Blue or Red, because He'd be laughed out of town for being, well, ignorant, petty-minded, and vindictive.

But Bush isn't running for dog-catcher, He's running for President. And for some reason, he keeps getting a pass on this kind of behavior. Why is that?

I think that sound you hear is the wheels coming off....

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