Thursday, June 24, 2004


so this is what desperation looks like.

Just go watch the advertisement the Bush-Cheney campaign have displayed so prominently on the Bush-Cheney campaign website.

The advertisement ultimately doesn't even make much sense -- and the use of Hitler in the ad (I'm not kidding folks, go watch the ad) reeks of the panicked flopsweat of desperation. And the use of the clip in which Kerry uses the word "ass" is apparently supposed to shock us but it pales in comparison to Dick Cheney's profane slip of the tongue earlier this week. This ad certainly makes it obvious that the Bush campaign guys are way off their game now.

This is a perfect anti-Bush ad that, paradoxically, is being paid for by the Bush-Cheney campaign. It's like they're cutting their own throats but don't know it.


They're on the precipice folks. It may get even weirder from here.

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