Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nick Berg Mystery: Friend says Berg was held by US troops 

RNC/CPA spokesman Dan Senor says (back) that "to his knowledge Berg ''was at no time under the jurisdiction or detention of coalition forces." But, through the voices of his friends, Berg himself disagrees:

Chilean freelance journalist Hugo Infante told CNN that weeks before the videotape of Berg's grisly death emerged on the Internet, "Nick told me, 'Iraqi police caught me one night, they saw my passport and my Jewish last name and my Israeli stamp. This guy thought I was a spy so they put me with American soldiers and American soldiers put me in a jail for two weeks.'"

Infante stays at the $30-a-night Al Fanar Hotel, where Berg was staying, and regularly chatted and shared drinks with him.

And Berg already knew he'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time once...

Infante said Berg told him that Iraqi police were suspicious of the electronics equipment he was carrying for his work on radio communications towers when he was arrested in Mosul.
(via CNN)

Wrong place, wrong time... But what time and place, exactly?

So, the possibilities are:

1. RNC/CPA's Dan Senor is lying.

2. RNC/CPA's Dan Senor is mistaken.

3. Hugo Infante, Nick Berg's friend, is lying—hard to believe

4. Hugo Infante is mistaken—also hard to believe

5. Nick Berg was lying—what's the incentive?

6. Nick Berg was mistaken—but the only way I can see how this could be is if the people he thought were US troops weren't really. But that's really only possible unless there are people in Iraq wearing Army uniforms who aren't really in the Army... Hmmm....

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