Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Iraw prison torture: The man just can't apologize! 

And everybody is noticing.

Including the Iraqis.

Iraqis were having none of it.

Virtually every Iraqi man and woman interviewed said that American soldiers who took part in the sexual humiliation of Muslim prisoners should be put to death.

"They promised to liberate us, give us freedom - that's their slogan. But there is no safety here," said Manal Abed, 24, who stayed home all year rather than work as a biologist because she's afraid of crime and American troops in Baghdad.

Soldiers who took part in the prisoner abuse, she said, "should get the same punishment as the people who committed the genocide, the mass graves. That way, there would be balance."

Abed's husband, Muattez, 27, an electrician, said soldiers who abuse prisoners should get "an Islamic punishment - stone them, like the time of the prophet."

A merchant, who gave his name as Abu Hatem, 44, said American apologies and courts-martial aren't enough.

"They should put them on trial - on TV - to show us this disgrace," he said.
(via Knight Ridder)

Sheesh. The guy is commander-in-chief, and using every ounce of that power running for President. So American men and women under his command torture Iraqi prisoners, and he can't take responsibility for it—even though it wouldn't cost him anything and would make the country look good.

What's wrong with him? Moral cowardice?

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