Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Iraq war: Apologize, George Will, apologize! 

Looks like Bush is losing the thinking man's wingers:

When there is no penalty for failure, failures proliferate. Leave aside the question of who or what failed before Sept. 11, 2001. But who lost his or her job because the president's 2003 State of the Union address gave currency to a fraud -- the story of Iraq's attempting to buy uranium in Niger? Or because the primary and only sufficient reason for waging preemptive war -- weapons of mass destruction -- was largely spurious? Or because postwar planning, from failure to anticipate the initial looting to today's insufficient force levels, has been botched? Failures are multiplying because of choices for which no one seems accountable.
(via WaPo)

This seems to come as a surprise to Will. In fact, there was a very well-developed critique by liberals, especially in the blogosphere, on all these points well before Bush started the war. WE WERE RIGHT. We were right on the yellowcake uranium stories—and all the other fraudulent justifications that we painstakingly demolihsed. We were right on the planning. We were right on the facts of the looting, and the implications of the looting. We were right on the force levels. THE LIBERALS WERE RIGHT ON THE WAR.

Apologize, George Will, apologize! Not the the liberals "your side" (as David Brooks so elegantly puts it) slandered as traitors; we're used to it. Apologize to the dead in the war you, your columns, and your fellow operatives enabled so assiduously.

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