Monday, May 31, 2004

Goodnight, moon 

Or is it good morning, midnight?

Back to Philly, grilled out.

Hope your weekend was good, too!

And from the Happiness is a Warm Gun Department, this by alert reader scaramouche:

On November 3rd, George W is very depressed having just lost the election.

To console himself he visits his trophy room. Then in a moment of doubt and despair over whether he had made all the wrong choices by listening to the Vice-President, he sees his favorite gift from the troops: Saddam’s pistol.

He takes the gun and points it to his head…

Just then Cheney enters the room and yells, "No, George, don't do it!!"

"Shut up Dick," he says, "You're next."

[Rim shot. Laughter. Applause.]

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