Saturday, April 24, 2004

Iraqi insurgency: Suicide boat attacks shut down Basra oil terminal 

Thank heavens we're bringing Libya online; this Iraq thing isn't looking so good

Suicide bombers launched three coordinated boat attacks on Iraq's vital southern Basra oil export terminal on Saturday, killing two members of U.S.-led forces.

Officials said there was no damage to the terminal, but Iraq's primary oil outlet -- some 10 km (six miles) offshore -- was closed after the attacks and workers were evacuated. It was not immediately clear how long the closure would last.

Iraq is almost completely dependent on the terminal -- which is in Britain's sector of responsibility in the country -- to export around 1.9 million barrels per day, providing badly needed funding for a country battered by war and violence.
(via Reuters)

Interesting that the attack is in the British sector...

The Toronto Star has a good roundup of the weekends attacks (via Juan Cole).

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