Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Iraq war: Poland to follow Spain? 

Seems like Bush scolding the Spanish Prime Minister for following through on his election promise—What? He took that stuff seriously?—didn't improve matters much.

Poland's outgoing prime minister said Wednesday that Spain's withdrawal of troops from Iraq could not be ignored, a first hint that Poland may be having doubts about its mission there.

"We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that Spain and others are leaving Iraq," Prime Minister Leszek Miller told the Polish news agency PAP.

"We will not make any rash gestures," he said. "The final decision about the pullout will be agreed and thought over, but the problem exists."
(via AP)

Another triumph for Bush diplomacy!

UPDATE Looks like the horse's head got left in incoming Polish Prime Minister's bed, however. And Berlusconi is staying the course, despite the wishes of the Italian people.

UPDATE The Ukraine is getting restive:

- Ukraine, a leading contributor of troops in Iraq, said it wants members of the U.S.-led coalition to have more influence in decisions on nonmilitary issues.
(via AP)

Translation: They want some contracts, too.

UPDATE But the Dominican Republic followed joined Spain and Honduras out the door yesterday (AP).

Sure, these are smallish contributions from smaller countries, but the numbers count just as much now as when Bush was pumping up the size of the "coalition of the willing" when going to war, don't they?

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