Sunday, March 14, 2004

The new Bush meme: "steely determination." To the anagram server! 

First, the background. I think we can assume that Bush's trusted advisor is Acting President Rove.

One of Bush's most trusted advisers said the key is striking the right balance. "I think people want to see resolve and confidence and steel and determination in their wartime commander in chief," he said. "They recognize that the war on terror is a dangerous and unprecedented war, so endlessly cheery optimism is not the right note. . . . You can be a wartime leader who strikes the right balance between confidence and optimism about the goal and with steely determination about what needs to be done."
(via Pravda on the Potomac's Dan Balz)

Since the WhiteWash House people are famously on message at all times, I think we can assume that the two-fold repetition of "steely determination" is no accident, and the MWs and RNC operatives will fan out to propagate it later this morning.

So, to innoculate ourselves, the anagrams (from Anagram Genius:

10. Snottily needier meat
9. Dirty insane omelette
8. Stoned, alien temerity
7. Meet intense idolatry
6. Domineer testily. Neat!
5. Sneered to, intimately
4. Terminated nosy elite
3. Seedy, intolerant item
2. Entirely estimated? No!


1. Tense. Oily. Terminated.

Anyhow, that's my listing. I put #1 where it is because it describes (I hope) the three stages of Bush's "presidency"—we have yet to reach the third stage. But if you hear a MW say "You can't make an omelette..." there's #9; if you want to talk religion, there's #7; if you want to talk character, #8, #6, #5, and #3; and if you want to talk about the Bush budget, there's #2.

Readers? More thoughts?

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