Thursday, March 18, 2004


Mel Gibson think Preznit feed flock fake turkey.

The usually-conservative movie star-director said he had been having "doubts" about President George W Bush.

"It's all to do with these weapons (of mass destruction) that we can't seem to find, and why did we go over there?" he asked.

Does this mean that Joe Snarlborough won't be hustling any more tickets to the Passion on his little MSGOP snit show? Whatever. LINK

Uh-oh, more block-bluster zeal from Mel?

Posted on Wed, Mar. 17, 2004
Gibson Planning to Make Movie on Jewish Holiday

Mar. 17 - He has portrayed the Crucifixion -- now Mel Gibson has his sights set on the tale that led to Chanukah.

"The Passion of the Christ" director told WABC's Sean Hannity yesterday that he's planning a movie based on a Jewish rebellion nearly 200 years before the birth of Christ.

"The story that's always fired my imagination ... is the Book of Maccabees," Gibson said in the radio interview. "It's about Antiochus, the king who set up his religion in the Temple, and forced them all to deny the true God and worship at his feet and worship false gods.

"The Maccabees family stood up, and they made war, they stuck by their guns, and they came out winning," he continued. "It's like a Western."

A Western! Who don't love a good Western! Maybe he'll give Sean Hannity a cameo. In any case, I hope there is at least one runaway stagecoach scene involving a shikse in distress, some lost luggage, and a shootout at the OK Noshery.



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