Friday, March 19, 2004

Lawsuits are only frivolous when they don't help Republicans 


Rove's strategy ensures that there will be a Republican lawyer assigned to each contested precinct on election day. Thus positioned, they can explain ballots to loyal voters, confront potentially ineligible voters, and challenge the legality of election conduct. It is this element of the strategy, Rove and the RNC believe, that may win them the 2004 election.

Soon after Florida, Democrats, like Republicans, figured they had to act. The DNC put together and funded the Voting Rights Initiative, run by former Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile and dedicated to matching the Republican ferocity in contesting the election results. It was a good idea. Unfortunately, and somewhat typical of recent Democratic operations, the project has died. Eight months before the election, while the VRI has no staff, the DNC is overwhelmed with trying to close the fundraising gap and keep up the rhetorical attacks on President Bush, the top Democratic organizational talent is scattered among the various campaigns contesting the primaries, and the new liberal 527s, non-profits designed to take over many of the DNC's traditional responsibilities, don't see this legal electioneering as part of their job.
(via Washington Monthly)

And we know the press won't cover Republican intimidation tactics, either. Remember when the Newspaper of Record (not!) published the story that the "bougeois rioters" were really Hill operatives whose trips to Florida were all paid for by the Republican party—after Florida was already in the bag, and the coup had been safely executed?

Even though the Gore camp had videotaped the rioters, matched faces to names, and handed the story to them, gift-wrapped....

Think the SCLM will cave this time?

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