Thursday, March 11, 2004

Gravest Challange Facing Iraqis Said To Be Not Enough Privately Held Guns 

They're worriers over at WorldNetDaily. Okay, the Bush administration has wrought a minor miracle in that Biblical land, against all the machinations of liberals and Democrats who did everything they could to see that Saddam stayed triumphantly in power. But now, at the time of their greatest achievement, the signing of an interim constitution, the Bushies have gone and blinked.

Iraq's new interim constitution sounds many of the same themes as the U.S. Constitution in guaranteeing freedom of the people – with one stark difference: There is no right to keep and bear arms in the new charter"


It's a very big mistake," said Erich Pratt, director of communications for Gun Owners of America. "What an interesting contrast to what our Founding Fathers thought."

Pratt emphasized America's founders believed it crucial for citizens to have the right to own arms to prevent what Iraq has endured for decades: tyranny.

"The right of people to keep and bear arms was the best check to tyranny" the Founding Fathers put into place, Pratt told WND.

Angel Shamaya, founder and executive director of Keep and Bear Arms decried what he sees as a lack of religious freedom along with the absence of gun rights.

"They've set up a situation where religious persecution can continue," he said, referring to the fact Islam has been established as the official state religion.

Shamaya says the banning of militias will hinder minority religions.

"Militias have enabled minority religions to defend themselves from the majority religion," he noted.

Maybe George Soros would consider funding a tour of Iraq by these second amendment advocates, including that dude who heads the NRA, and we wouldn't want to leave out John Lott. The purpose of the tour would be to allow Iraqis to get some direct contact with real Americans, who could take the opportunity to explain directly to Iraqis why they would be better off if the streets were filled with even more people who own even more guns. I'm sure their message would be welcomed, unless there happened to be someone who'd lost a loved one to street violence in the audience who also happened to be packing heat.

Oh just go and read the whole thing; it'll brighten up your day no end.

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