Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Faulty logic from Scott "Sucka MC" McClellan 


President Bush's spokesman called John Kerry a liar Monday unless the senator comes clean with the names of world leaders he has claimed prefer him to be President.

"Either he is straightforward and states who they are, or the only conclusion one can draw is that he is making it up to attack the President," Scott McClellan charged.
(via AP)

Or, could it be, that if he does name them, he'll make life harder for the President—any President—and so Kerry is doing the honorable, patriotic thing?

And I don't know why Kerry has to "name names." Everyone who does business with Bush who does'nt get part of the rake-off loathes him, since he lied his way into the war in Iraq, as everyone, including our one-time allies, knows. Why should other heads of state be different?

C'mon, guys. You really do need KaWen back.

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