Thursday, March 11, 2004

And speaking of the Republican National Convention ... 

Well, well. DC's mass arrests of protestors turn out to be unlawful.

D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey and other police officials conspired to deflect blame and cover up evidence of their wrongdoing during the mass arrests of anti-globalization demonstrators in September 2002, according to a D.C. Council committee that investigated the incident.

The investigation found fault with the police department's handling of demonstrations dating back to 2000. The report challenges the force's use of undercover officers to infiltrate protest groups, saying some continued surveillance after organizations were found to be generally law-abiding.
(via WaPo)

And a funny thing! Tom Ridge did the same illegal mass arrest thing for The Republican National Convention in 2000 in Philly when he was governor of Pennsylvania. Now he's heading the Department of Homeland Security! Coincidence? I always wondered what Ridge's qualifications were, and now I know—since in Bush's mind, "Homeland Security" and "re-electing Bush" are one and the same thing.... Look out, Manhattan....

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