Wednesday, February 04, 2004

So, this Sunday, Bush is going on Meet the Press 

Do sitting Presidents do that?

Oh, wait....

Anyhow, I wonder what Bush will do? Wave copies of his National Guard attendance records around? Bring in a "surprise" eyewitness? I say, Bring it on. So Bush proves he spent a year in Alabama doing paperwork—after being grounded, remember, for blowing off a medical exam—while John Kerry spent a year risking his own life and saving the lives of others...

Let's play Tim for a Day ... What questions would you ask Bush? Readers?

Here's a good one, from alert reader SW:

[RUSSERT] Would you be willing to swear under oath, that you don't know, which member of your staff intentionally blew the cover of a CIA agent? Would you be willing to take a lie detector test?

From alert reader R. Porrofatto:

Why do you want to take away overtime pay from over 8 million Americans?

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