Thursday, February 05, 2004

Say, will the defense of marriage amendment ban adultery too? 

Just asking.

'Cause if it does, there will be an awful lot of Republicans in trouble... Starting with Ol' Newt Gingrich, who served his wife with divorce papers when she was lying in a hospital bed after a cancer operation, continuing on with Henry Hyde's "youthful indiscretion," on to Bob Livingston, whose proclivities must have been very peculiar, since they are never, ever mentioned...

Well, it's a very long list, and I have to go to bed.

But it's been a good day: The AWOL story has legs, The Plame Affair is blowing up, the Republicans are trying to make some staffer take the fall for some ratfucking on the Judiciary Committee, Scalia's looking even more of a hoser ...

I hope I wake up tomorrow to find out that lots more ugly and discomfiting things have happened to Republican operatives everywhere. God knows they've earned it. GOP delenda est.

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