Tuesday, February 03, 2004

LC Blogaround - Round 1 

1- Steve Gilliard recovery updates, as they arrive.

2- Via Maru at WTF Is It Now has a nice photo posted for Monday, February 02, 2004. I really like this photo a lot myself, so, if you like, See Photo Here and then scroll on down the page for more good posts.

3- Trish Wilson is everwhere, and thats a good thing. Read her recent article in American Politics Journal See - Trish Wilson: Anti-gay Meltdown in Massachusetts; Observations of the Massachusetts Legislative Hearings

...and don't miss "Booble", the web search engine for, for, for - Janet Jackson? "W00t" must be having a titty twister of a good time out there. Now, go BOOBLE yourself silly.

4- Via Sooner Thought:
In Good Conscience, on former WaPo ombudsman's National Press Foundation resignation.
But now, a well-known journalist may reignite the discussion: Geneva Overholser, former ombudsman of The Washington Post, has resigned from the board of the National Press Foundation because it plans to honor Fox News anchor Brit Hume at its annual dinner in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 19.

5- edwardpig looks at a recent report from The Economist concerning Black Box Voting: An Update
What's worse, the most in-depth and knowledgeable study to date reports that the current electronic voting systems are a spectacular failure. In the 'Recommendations' section of the report, the authors state: ". . . we feel that a pervasive code rewrite would be necessary to instantiate the level of best practice security necessary to eliminate the risks we have outlined . . .[continue reading at link above]

6- And for more on the subject of black box voting visit It's Craptastic! who provides a link to a Cleveland Plain Dealer story on the topic.

7- Likewise, see Left is Right on Diebold and Raba Technologies investigation of Diebold's vulnerabilities. continue HERE

8- Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof comments on Pat Buchanan's recent Paleocon gruntings.

9- Elayne Riggs On Comedy :-)) What's funny and what's not. Including some insight on Dennis Miller's strange reverse metamorphosis from codling moth to newly hatched GOP larva.

10- NTodd's Owl! What could be more appropriate for a Liberal Coalition blogaround. PHOTO HERE

11- Gamers Nook points to something called the "The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature."
This is what happens when you take two good things too far...

See: Microsoft and Literature Collide

12- And Then, wandering the archives, finds one for the "Then and Now" files.
WASHINGTON – The White House said Thursday that it had "solid" evidence Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction." [NewsMax, 2002]

13- And speaking of the kooks at NewsMax, Rooks Rant has this excerpt from you know where:
The billionaire's zeal to unseat Bush has caught the notice of top policy-makers in Washington who worry that Soros would not need to risk his whole fortune to cause mischief. Here's the real worry: Could the master currency trader manipulate the financial markets to create a panic, collapsing the stock market or the U.S. dollar on the eve of the November election? [continue here]

Huh huh...NewsMax. Of course The Washington Chestnut, raised the possibility, several days ago, that Soros may be planning to purchase South Carolina. Perhaps even tonight! On the eve of the SC Primary vote! A February surprise! We'll see. If Soros gets his hooks into South Carolina I predict it won't be long before that Ben and Jerry's guy scoops up Ohio. (haha, scoops up, git it!?), most of western PA, and a time share near Apalachicola. Not to mention what might happen to the global ice cream markets come late summer. I'm sure NewsMax will be all over the story like nuts on a fudge sundae.

Ok, thats 13 from round 1 of the LC Blogaround. More too follow - stay tuned, don't change that dial, please remain seated until plane comes to a full stop, don't let your meat loaf... etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

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