Friday, February 20, 2004

Heritage Foundation Rues "Anarchy" in San Francisco 

Don't have a link for this, but appearing on MSNBC during the 7AM PDT this morning, a representative from the Heritage Foundation called on those who support gay marriage to, nonetheless, denounce San Francisco's Major's defiance of the....wait for it...yes...the rule of law; when an elected official can choose which laws to enforce and which not, then truly we are tettering on the edge of anarchy.

Courtesy of Balto, of The Island of Balto, here, in the form of an animated cartoon, is the face of anarchy.

Others see something else in that orderly blocks-long line of astonishingly normal looking people, and one of them is the great Patrick Nielson Hayden, who must have been eating especially light recently, considering the blinding luminousity, (or was it just my tears) he finds in some familiar words paired with some unfamiliar pictures.

Who pictured there wouldn't fit into your family, or wouldn't be welcome as your neighbor?

Appearing with Mr. Heritage Foundation was a representative of the Log Cabin Republicans, who supported gay marriage, but being a law and order type, worried that what was happening in San Francisco might be counter-productive. I think he's wrong.

This is an almost classic case of civil disobedience, and the invocations of Rosa Parks are entirely appropriate. It's a radiant moment we're watching, and no matter the twists, turns, and even the switchbacks ahead, there's no turning back from the implications of that radiance.

Send flowers!
If you want to be part of the moment, someone got the brilliant idea of sending flowers to a random couple in line, and would like to see it become a movement; me too. Patrick, via Cory Doctorow has all the information you'll need.

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