Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Gays are human too 


Although since I think marriage is entirely a religious construct, the state should be out of it entirely. Still, if some (adult) citizens get to marry, and the state allows them to, all should be able to. And hey, Red state sex loons? If gays that want to marry want to move to Blue states, we'll welcome them as neighbors. Since that would be the Christian thing to do (Golden Rule; good samaritan; woman caught in adultery; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera).

UPDATE Alert reader Pat Robertson gives us the SIC (truly SIC) perspective on this:

"Christian thing to do (Golden Rule; good samaritan; woman caught in adultery; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera)."

The Golden Rule says love your neighbor as yourself. So God obviously realizes that the most important thing is that you love yourself. So you need to satisfy all of your desires completely before trying to help anyone else; otherwise, you are not loving yourself as much as you could and are therefore will not love others as they should be loved. As the desire to see a homosexual burn on a stick is a desire near and dear to all Bible-Believers, we cannot allow them any peace if we are to bring God's Love to the world; and they cannot marry if they are dead, so it makes no sense to let them marry when they will soon all be dead.

That Good Samiritan story sounds a little too pat. We all know about those people. That Samaritan probably did what he did just to butter up that innkeeper so he could cheat him later. Plus, wanna guess who robbed the man in the first place? 10-1, it was one of those Samaritans, probably the same one who carried him to the inn. Fucking Sammies, can't trust 'em. As Samaritans didn't follow all of God's Laws given to the Jews in the prescribed manner and were therefore heretics and blasphemers, they obviously practiced homosexuality, as it takes the God-given willpower only available to good Bible-Believing Christians to refrain from such evil sexual acts. Which means they must die so that Christians can show God's Love. The only Good Samaritan is a dead one. Again, allowing those people to marry just makes no sense, since they must die for the Greater Glory of God.

As far as the slut: we all know women can't keep their legs together without a man to show them proper behavior. She was on the dock the next day, if I know anything of feminine ways. She got stoned for it too. So see: how can you show her as a good example when she spit on The Lord's gift of mercy and committed her crimes all over again? Jesus went to all that trouble and she throws it in His Face. Such a God-hating whore must also obviously have been a heretic and a lesbian, as Christian women know they have to submit to a Bible-Believing man if they are to have any chance of avoiding Hell-Fire. How can we allow lesbians to live - much less marry - when they blaspheme Jesus Himself?

Thanks for sharing, Pat.

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