Saturday, February 07, 2004


For my money, the common thread linking Bush, Laura Bush, and the Bush twins—all of whom will shortly be on the campaign trail— is impunity. (Yes, I know that's a word for a characteristic that dictators everywhere feel that they have).

  • Bush himself: impunity for, well, you name it

  • Lady Bush: impunity for a man's death in an automobile accident (back)

  • The Bush twins: impunity for the usual stuff: underage drinking, drugs ... All the stuff Daddy did, with impunity.

And Lady Bush is now fair game:

The fact is Mrs. Bush is moving into a new role as a prominent surrogate for her husband in his re-election campaign.

Of course, Dems really need an attack machine to handle this. The Democratic nominee needs to be above the fray. The most he should do is "deeply regret that some have made our President's ______ an issue. I think this should stop" and so forth.

That's the issue: They can, so they do. Impunity. Runs through everything the Bush dynasty does.

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