Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Did Bush's MTP appearance sound canned to you? Well, it was 

And then the Bush campaign wanted to use the footage in its ads! WaPo:

President Bush used a campaign video to unveil a new reelection slogan yesterday, "Strong Leadership in Times of Change," but the debut was short-lived because of a dispute over some of the footage.

The Bush-Cheney campaign yanked the video, titled "Responsibility," ...

Words fail me. Where to begin?

... from its Web site after about five hours in response to objections from NBC News about the use of a clip from the president's appearance broadcast Sunday on "Meet the Press."

The footage came from a long answer that Bush delivered near the end of the interview. The moderator, Tim Russert, asked whether it was "worth the loss of 530 American lives and 3,000 injuries and woundings simply to remove Saddam Hussein."

Bush started to answer, Russert interrupted, and the president said, "Let me finish." Then Bush delivered an answer that included what became a campaign promotion -- a 100-word passage that used "responsibility" six times as he talked about freeing "people from the clutches of barbaric people such as Saddam Hussein," fighting AIDS and feeding the hungry.

"We have a responsibility," Bush said. "To me, that is history's call to America. I accept the call and will continue to lead in that direction."

The 30-second video was made by Maverick Media, founded by Bush media consultant Mark McKinnon. At 4 p.m., the campaign sent the Web link to its database of 6 million e-mail addresses. ...

Momentarily bringing the net to its knees

... That did not sit well with NBC News, which asked the campaign to cease and desist. "This promotional video is set to music, edited for impact, and mixed with other images, graphics and footage unrelated to the interview," the network said in a statement. "NBC News did not, and does not, authorize this misuse of our copyrighted material. As a news interview program, 'Meet the Press' takes very seriously the unauthorized use of its content for partisan political purposes."

Little George has such a sense of entitlement....

Campaign officials said the wording "President Bush. Strong Leadership in Times of Change," shown on the screen at the end, will show up elsewhere soon.

I can't wait. Say, I wonder if anyone has gotten a copy of the video, and hacked it?

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