Friday, February 27, 2004

"Dean" Broder on how Nader will help Bush 

In WaPo here:

Nader has claimed in interviews that his candidacy opens "a second front" against Bush and would appeal greatly to disillusioned conservatives and Republicans. That is malarkey. Republican pollster Bill McInturff surveyed likely voters last month and found that the subgroups most prone to consider voting for Nader were "younger white men, liberals and Democrats, particularly in the mid-Atlantic and Pacific regions," the Democratic heartland. "This data makes it clear that Nader's entry into the presidential race will have no impact on Republican or Bush voters," he wrote.

If you assume, as most Republicans and Democrats I've interviewed do, that Bush prefers as few debates as possible this year, Nader's candidacy gives Bush a great card to play. Whoever the sponsor, Bush as the incumbent can bargain for Nader's inclusion -- or use the issue of Nader's role to delay negotiations and reduce the number of debates that can be scheduled.

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