Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Cohen on Bush, certainty, and nuance 

WaPo's Cohen returns to Bush's "child-like" SOTU and what it shows about Bush's character—and it looks like Cohen's being subliminally influenced by the blogosphere critique. He opines:

[A] rereading of the "Meet the Press" transcript suggests that Bush's most critical quality -- certainty -- has oozed from him like helium from a balloon. Here was a man who was continually trying to pump himself up.

"Pump himself up," eh? Like a Texas soufflé (back)? Or to achieve that state in which he is a highly-paid erectness (back)? Heh heh heh...

[Bush] does not do nuance -- that we know. But the failure to come up with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is not a nuance. It is a massive reversal of fact, hot turned into cold, tall into short. Bush's inability or refusal to come to grips with the new facts is not the product of a poor performance or an errant tongue, but of a troubling insistence that his beliefs cannot be wrong. That -- nuance be damned -- makes him look like a dope.

Well, whaddaya know? More blogospherage... I say "I feel anger! I say, shitcan the mad dope" (back again)

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