Friday, February 06, 2004

Chestnut Friday 

The Washington Chestnut - Friday edition.

Highlights from inside this morning's Washington Chestnut.

On the fallout from Venus de Milo's recent announcement that she would resign her post as a symbol of beauty due to controversy resulting from the recent Superbowl halftime sporting fiasco and ensuing amplified cultural phantasmagoria and televised news-noise histrionics.

Giorgione's famous painting Oda Lisk Scratching Herself refused to comment fully but indicated that she would be available for future retrospectives in civilized European capitols.

Classical world muse Daphne, creator of the sculpture, "A Night on the Town with Laura Ingraham" (depicted at left) expressed concern that Venus de Milos' resignation was premature and hoped that she would re-consider the whole matter, or at least agree to pose naked at the base of a laurel tree with Michelangelo's David.

Eugene Delacroix's Liberty leading the People remarked that the entire prudish overwrought cable TV hyper-babble and general squawking over the matter made her want to beat the shit out of a Bourbon King and all the stupid little boobies that put him on the throne. Liberty also remarked, "leave de Milo alone, she may be a vapid pampered air-head but at least she's easy on the eyes."

In other news: George Tenet explained that despite the Bush administration's claims that the CIA was full of shit, any claims that the Bush administration is full of shit is purely a lot of shit, and that not only was the CIA not full of shit and not responsible for the shit that the Bush administration claimed was not shit, but really was, doesn't know shit, and anyone who claims that the CIA and the Bush administration are both full of shit is clearly full of shit themselves and obviously totally responsible for all the shit or lack of shit in question. No shit.

In the words of one great American patriot: "We have met the booby, and the booby is us"

And thats the wrap, for Friday, Feb 06, 2004. This chestnut is roasted.

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