Friday, February 20, 2004

Bush lets the cat out of the bag on canned, so-called "conversations" 

Jennifer Loven of AP writes:

As [Bush] spoke, five taxpayers who had met with the president before the event stood behind him.

"See, there's a human dimension to all the talk about numbers," Bush said as he recited facts about each. "And it's important for the people here in Washington to think about the people whose lives will be affected if they don't act."

See, now he just recites "facts" while people stand behind him. This is a change:

The setup was a departure from his most recent economic events, in which the White House orchestrates public "conversations" for citizens to tell personal stories that compliment the president's policy agenda.

Sometimes, though, they are too slow. For instance, while at a Tampa, Fla., window and door manufacturer on Monday, the president jumped in to point out that one employee, Noemi Gonzalez, would pay $1,200 more next year in taxes if the cuts are not made permanent. "And that's not right," he said, before stopping himself and turning the floor back to Gonzalez. "And she said -- I'm putting words in your mouth."

Yep, that's right. Not only were the windows fake, the speeches by the employees were fake! Bush blew his cue in the script, and covered for it clumsily. I guess the earpiece wasn't working that day....

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