Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Bush AWOL: Froomkin and the SCLM miss a crucial point 

WaPo's Froomkin writes:

In Time magazine, Michael Duffy writes that "for the second time in as many months -- first on prewar intelligence in Iraq and now on his military record -- Bush is caught in a gap between what he has claimed and what he can prove."

Duffy raises what he calls four key questions:

  • How Did Bush Get in the Guard, and What Were His Duties?

  • What Did Bush Have to Do to Fulfill His Guard Commitment?

  • So Did Bush Report for Duty in Alabama or Not?

  • Why Did He Miss the Physical? [The required drug test?—LS]

But Duffy, and Froomkin, miss one:

  • And what about that DD-214 separation report? Say, that's missing, isn't it? But I thought the WhiteWash House said "all" the records?

Looks like one meme is taking hold, though:

Duffy, by the way, starts off his story by uncovering Bush's nickname among some colleagues on the Senate campaign that brought Bush to Alabama in 1972. He writes that "a group of older Alabama socialites, who were volunteering their time, gave Bush a nickname because they thought he 'looked good on the outside but was full of hot air.' They called him the Texas Soufflé."

Heh heh (back). Since Bush likes to give nicknames so much, it's only fair that we all share in the fun ...

"No scrubs, please!"

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