Friday, February 20, 2004

Brains of DNC types still dead: film at 11 

Oh for heaven's sake:

Attorneys are challenging a preliminary security plan for this summer's Democratic National Convention that would limit protesters to a small patch of land virtually out of sight of the convention hall.

The plan would restrict protests to a triangle-shaped site near the FleetCenter, which attorneys fear could be obscured from view by buses and television satellite trucks, making demonstrations useless.

"What's the point to just have a rally when you don't have an audience for whom the rally is organized?" said Urszula Masny-Latos, executive director of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Can't they see that by doing this, they take away our ability to use that same issue against the Republican "Boy Emperor in a Bubble"—even though the Republicans do this 1000 times worse?

What a PR disaster—and an analytical one—this is. Democrats should feel the stupidity and anti-Constitutionalism of "free speech" (ha) zones with every bone in their bodies. Feckless, gutless Beltway Dems...

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