Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Reader KT writes in with the following anagram for:
"Steady Leadership in a Time of Change"

"I feel anger! I say, shitcan the mad dope!"

I personally like it because it sounds so conversantly normal. At least where I live. How many times during a normal conversation have you heard someone say, with regards to George W. Bush - "I feel anger! I say, shitcan the mad dope!" Heh? Well, a lot I suspect. Or at least something pretty damned close.

Anyway, KT's submission, "I feel anger! I say, shitcan the mad dope!", is, as a matter of fact, an anagram for "Steady Leadership in a Time of Change". How 'bout that!

Wanna bet Karl Rove's creepy Orwellian make up artists, after spending all day painting lipstick on the Bush-pig, scrambled off for a drink after work only to hear - "I feel anger! I say, shitcan the mad dope!" - so many times at the bar that they scurried back to their own piss pot lavatory and began scrawling "Steady Leadership in a Time of Change" all over a foggy mirror in bold bloody strokes with a tube of lipstick. Funny how that works. But, you know how the Republican's are -- never even quite able to grasp the real meaning of the writing in their own looking glass.

Oh yeah, BOGUS GREW HE, or HE GREW BOGUS, or BOGUS HE GREW, are all anagrams for George W. Bush.

BEER HOGG WUS is also an anagram for George W Bush. Which is also conversantly normal and would explain a lot about why he might have been suspended from flying ANG airplanes in 1972.


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