Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The world waits breathlessly for the Times ombudsman to actually do something about biased Dean coverage 

After we posted on The Newspaper of Record (not!)'s latest hackjob on Dean, and suggested that newly appointed Times ombudsman Dan Okrent be made to earn his salary by defending it, (back), alert reader Tinfoil Hat Boy did just that, and fired off a letter to the Times ombudsman. Here is Okrent's response:

Dear Mr. [Tinfoil Hat Boy],

You are not alone in your displeasure with The Times's coverage of the Dean campaign.
Barring any unforeseen circumstances, as of now I am planning to write about this issue in my next column to be published January 18, 2004.

Thank you for writing.

Dan Okrent
Public Editor

Save the date: January 18. Countdown to ecstasy! Feel share your own polite, well-reasoned, and above all well-documented views with Dan here: public@nytimes.com in the meantime.

Say, does Jeff Gerth still rakin' in the bucks after he butchered the Whitewater story so badly?

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