Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Tonight, I Can Tell You That The State Of Our Union Is..... 

Well, while Lambert will be paying attention to the state of his own sanity, celebrating, with exquisite irony, La Vie Boheme, instead of listening to the roundup of his own achievements by that scrubbrush rangling adopted son of all that's wrong with Texas, some of us will be tuned in to what no one is embarrassed to call Rove's masterplan for the coming campaign; that is what is meant by the "themes the President will touch on," right?

I have no drinking games to offer, but both TomPaine. com and The Center For American Progress have put together nifty score cards for you to use to channel your rage into something more productive than gastric internal bleeding.

Here's where to go to read what the folks at TomPaine have in mind; the scorecard itself is only downloadable in PDF format.

The Center has a whole bunch of stuff for you, a dictionary, a checklist, and to help you feel less alone, links to all kinds of good things to read on specific topics the President is likely to address. Click here and have a ball.

Then, let's discuss. And, yes, there will be a quiz.

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