Sunday, January 11, 2004

Special Rights for Constitutional Contortionists 

Liberal Coalition member Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof comments on elitist right wing special interest group efforts to bludgeon anyone or anything they don't like into submission by fiat.

Making Amends

Matthew Yglesias at Tapped looks at the contortions the right wing is going through to get the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) into the Constitution.


The word "marriage" is the catch. It's loaded with both religious and secular meaning. Marriage has the same legal impact if it happens in St. Patrick's Cathedral with all the trappings of sacraments and ritual or if the couple goes down to the county clerk's office on their lunch hour and has a judge perform the ceremony with all the formality of a real estate closing. The result is the same - a formal promise and commitment on the part of each person to care for each other. That's it.

+ continue reading: Making Amends

++ For Rich "Dick" Cheney's recent - throw a Religious Right fetch-dog a bone - flip on the matter of same sex unions, and a proposed constitutional amendment to ban such unions, see Lambert's entry below: Cheney to his own daughter: Drop dead!

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