Saturday, January 17, 2004

Poor MoDo 

One of the super-aware Iowa voters, after commenting that Dean is "handsome," then says:

''I don't want to date him,'' he says, by way of clarification.

MoDo, on the other hand, does:

I decided to use my five minutes to find out if [Dean] has the sunny side Americans love in their leaders. I'd ask him what he'd want to do for fun on a Saturday night if he could play hooky. I'd ask him the last time he did something goofy and what made him really laugh.

While I was waiting for him to call, I grew more and more afraid that he'd get angry at me for wasting his time with piffle. I cowered by the phone, jumping when it rang.

Calling Dr. Freud on those "bulging" neck muscles MoDo writes of... It's really too transparent, isn't it? And it's a shame....

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