Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Poor Kerry. Poor, poor Kerry 


At a news conference in Iowa yesterday, Kerry said Dean had been "duplicitous" on his opposition to the war in Iraq and said the Bush administration will "exploit to a fare-thee-well" Dean's "lack of straight talk" if Dean should win the nomination.

What a falling off is here...

To start, who's the real liar on the war? BUSH, Kerry you moron! [Of course Kerry can't say that, because to say that is to admit that Kerry was decieved by Bush—after Bush stole the election in 2002; not very Presidential....] Anyhow, Kerry would probably pick up a lot more votes in Iowa if he said what is only the truth, and called Bush a liar. (Say, have we found those WMDs yet?)

Meanwhile, USA Today's Walter Shapiro makes the argument that the Dem circular firing squad doesn't really matter. The Bush campaign is going to be so vicious, so dirty, so underhanded, and so ruthless that nothing the Dems could say could make it worse than it's gong to be. I'm inclined to agree with him, counter to CW though it is.

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