Tuesday, January 06, 2004

A little pre-emptive damage control on Laura Bush? 

Kathy Keliy of USA today reviews the new bio of Laura Bush:

Years before she became the sunny, steadying, widely admired wife who inspired her husband to emerge from his father's shadow and become a successful politician in his own right, Laura Bush, nee Welch, killed a boy. She was 17 when she missed a stop sign outside her hometown of Midland and plowed into a car driven by Michael Douglas, a high school classmate and close friend.

[The author, washington writer Ann] Gerhart, who has been on the beat since Laura Bush assumed her unofficial office in 2001, is an unabashed fan.

Gerhart may be fond of her but is too much of a pro to pull any punches. Among revelations: Gerhart reviewed police files on the fatal accident and came away with pointed questions about how thoroughly the investigation was conducted.

Hillary, of course, never killed anyone... But let's look on the bright side: Laura Bush, unlike her husband, never tortured small animals.

Anyhow, it's interesting that Bush is getting this stuff out now before the campaign begins in earnest. And if Bush runs true to form, the real story is far worse than any of us have imagined, which is why they are doing damage control now. It would be interesting to know, for example, if the young Laura Bush was a serial speeder, like Republican Congressman Janklow ....

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