Wednesday, January 21, 2004


It bothered me that the Moonie Times, a winger organ, would break the news that Bush is violating his oath of office again by violating the privacy of census data.

Why would they publicize this instead of trying to hide it? Duh, because it's to their advantage.

Redistricting is based on census data. Who are the people who would tend to no longer respond to Census questions because they fear the direction the Republicans are taking the country? Not the Republican base, that's for sure.

So we have a "democracy" where:

  • Large (ie, Blue) states are systematically underrepresented in Congress

  • The census data for redistricting is systematically skewed Red, first through undercounting in cities, and now by associating the census gathering process with civil liberties violations

  • Voting itself, where electronic, is controlled by hard right Republicans, and election problems are not detectable

  • We have no recourse in the courts, as Bush v. Gore showed

So tell me again why I should regard the Bush regime as a legitimate government? This isn't tinfoil hat stuff—you only have to read the papers to see it all happening.

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