Saturday, January 17, 2004

Help Support the Art of Blogging 

I hope I'm not too late here, but go help out Jim Cappozzola at Rittenhouse Review. Especially anyone with some extra $$$ to fling around. Fling some Cappozzola's way. Send him some money. Donate some funding to someone who really deserves it. Support the Jim Cappozzola for Full Time Philadelphia Blogger Campaign. Keep Jim in Philly. Personally, I can't fully understand why he doesn't want to live in the middle of nowhere. I love the middle of "Rustic" nowhere myself, not necessarily unconditionally, but would reccomend it to anyone who finds value in four cords of firewood and a smelly wet dog and doesn't mind buying their pizzas at a friggin' gas station. But, if Jim wants to live in Philly with a bunch of crazy Pennsylvanians I'm all for it. Plus, buying pizzas at a gas station ain't really all it's puffed up to be. Despite what you hear on the Food Channel. Take my word for that. And Philly has good pizza. Take my word for that too. So, if you can, go help Jim Cappozzola stay in Philadelphia where he can do his thing, eat real pizza, and be happy. The guy is an artist for Christ sake. Support the Arts!

And if you think I'm crazy, and I suspect an un-godly number of you do, forget about what I say. Just go HERE


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