Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Fronteers of Freedumb 

From General JC Christian I learned about something called the Frontiers of Freedom dot org.

The Frontiers of Freedom (plural) apparently is concerned not so much about the frontiers of spelling as it is about other frontiers-like stuff. They even have a "policy center"! And Ooo-Ooo!, have even managed to spell the word policy correctly. But, hey, they are an "org", so they must be serious. Please see for yourself.

Heres a little bit about Frontiers of Freedom from their own "about" us frontiers guys page.

Leadership means choosing a direction that opens up vast possibilities to bring out the best in others. Our Founding Fathers knew a thing or two about leadership. They knew that the combination of a democratic form of government and a capitalistic economy gave our citizens the opportunity to aim high, chart their own destiny, and realize their version of the American Dream. At a time when our democratic rights and free enterprise system are being chipped away by the proponents of Big Government, Frontiers of Freedom stands tall in our defense of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Thank the Tall Invisible Hand!

Anyway, the great Founding Fathers of the "FF" have apparently realized part of some sorta version of the American Dream by placing a poll upon their frontier-like webpage of "vast possibilities". So I made a screen print of it and posted it below. It [the poll] includes a Democrat named "Kucinic", and another feller' named "Wesley West". Who as I recall used to be Batman. Didn't he? Apparently? Whatever. We're talking frontiers (plural) of freedom here, so why not?

Here's a pic of the screenshot, which asks - "Which Democrat candidate will drop out of the nomination race first?" (Hee!) Note the frontier TownHall.com link at the bottom.

"Which Democrat candidate will drop out of the nomination race first?" Well. I'm myself am pretty sure it will be that Howard Deen guy. Yes, I'm pretty sure he will give up any day now. Probably cashed in his chips and gassed up the Volvo and headed back to that freak show in Vermont as I wrote this. Although Wesley West is at the bottom of the pile so how much longer can he survive? Nevertheless, I urge everyone to visit the FF webpage and help chart some frontier destinies by informing the FF that you are also pretty sure Howard Deen will fold up like a cheap card table at any moment. Or Dennis Clicinic. Or that Westerly Western guy. Vote as you like. We're talking Frontiers of Freedom afterall.

Also. If you'd like to send the Fronteersmen a nice new saddle or a pint of apple butter or a picture of a hairy Buffalo you can use the information below. They actually live in Fairfax Virginia beside a highway so it shouldn't take too long for the Pony Express to secure the delivery.

Frontiers of Freedom
12011 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway
3rd Floor
Fairfax, Virginia 22033
Ph: (703) 246-0110
Fax: (703) 246-0129
Web Site: http://www.ff.org
E-mail: info@ff.org

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