Saturday, January 17, 2004

aWol's moondoggle 

UPI (such as they are) has detail on the Cheney-driven, secret deliberations leading up to Bush's moondoggle announcement. But, for some reason, getting the program underway won't be a cakewalk. Gwyneth Shaw of the Orlando Sentinel:

President Bush's vision for the space program is aimed at stirring inspiration among Americans. But some, in the wake of his speech last week, are asking a more mundane but pressing question: Why?

Why indeed? Let's review. The moondoggle:

  • Gives aWol a bump in the polls; lots of headlines using the words "bold" and "vision"

  • Makes a good theme for the SOTU, especially after last year's lie-filled fiasco

  • Lots of money promised to Texas ('nuff said) and Florida (Jebbie's swing state)

  • Takes the first step in the PNAC's mandate to militarize space

What's not to like?

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