Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Young Iraqi Woman Bests CIA on Saddam's Nukes 

CIA, drama queen?

Apropos of Tresy's discovery, below of just such a tendency at the heart of the agency that provides world-wide intelligence to the mightiest superpower the world has ever known:

Riverbend, the twenty-something girl-blogger of Baghdad has discovered the inside dope on Iraqi nukes, with the help of an Iraqi nuclear expert who has just written a tell all book, and whose opinions you can sample on his own webpage. Riverbend supplies the link; I'm refraining because you ought to be visiting her blog at least twice a week to check if anything new is up; she's that good (a writer) and that important (to understanding Iraqi through a set of Iraqi eyes).

Why no nukes found? Try, a mirage in the desert.

If you've been at all remiss in keeping up with Riverbend, who managed to blog, despite the rigors of Ramadan, and you're curious about her response to Bush's bold visit to Baghdad Airport, you can find it here. And don't miss this wonderful post that tells a tale of the rigors of living next door to a Baghdadi Martha Stewart, especially during "Eid."

That book and website of that Iraqi scientist looks to be a mighty important resource.

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