Thursday, December 11, 2003

Titter Town Tattle 

Everything is Beautiful!

Dixon Boardman, New York socialite and CEO of the Optima Fund of New York and Bermuda was in Washington last week. Boardman and his stunning wife, Princess Arriana von Hohenlohe, were guests of Lea and Wayne Berman at their Whitehaven home for a small dinner party.

Dixon married the beautiful Arriana — whose father, Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, developed the stunningly beautiful resort at Marbella, Spain — at a big wedding on the Costa del Sol this summer. Dixon was married for years to Pauline Boardman, pretty darn beautiful herself. (Their daughters Samantha and Serena are immensely popular in New York’s young social set.) Pauline and Dixon divorced in 1999, and Dixon rewrapped himself in his almost legendary mantle as a lady killer.


Lea Berman has left as Lynne Cheney’s aide and is quietly working on the Bush - Cheney reelection team.


Wayne has been a successful lobbyist and international business consultant who was an assistant secretary of commerce and close to Commerce Secretary Bob Mosbacher in the first Bush administration. ~ Boardman’s charmed life

Typical snooty pampered Hollywood elitist liberals. They ain't like the rest of us small business owner reg'ler workin' folks you know.

Freedom French Club

Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), who, as chairman of the Committee on Administration, ordered the three House cafeterias to change french fries to "freedom fries" and French toast to "freedom toast," has joined the caucus....

The "French Caucus" that is.

...35 members have signed on, including Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) 'French Caucus' is in full effect

Santorum Sanatorium

Senate Republican Conference Chairman Rick Santorum, who has decided to move the annual GOP legislative retreat from previous sites at the exclusive Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia and in historic Williamsburg, Va., to his home state’s largest city.

All Republican House and Senate members are expected to attend the multiday event, which begins Jan. 29 at the luxurious Loews Hotel in downtown Philly, along with spouses, top staffers and administration officials.


The hotel where lawmakers will plan their legislative agenda boasts Cartier clocks and bank-vault upcoming doors, as well as "sleek polished black granite, carved glass, and rich rare woods," according to its website.

Days naturally will be packed with strategy sessions, though members will surely find time in the evenings to relax and explore the City of Brotherly Love.

But let's hope they don't make the same mistake Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) did when he ordered one of Philly’s famed cheese steaks with Swiss cheese instead of the locally preferred Cheez Whiz. ~ Santorum: in Philadelphia

John Kerry, where does he think he is, Costa del Sol? Next thing you know he'll be wantin' a ginger ale in one of them fancy carved glasses like they have at that Hotel with all them carts full of clocks. You know, that place where that Rich Rare Woods fella works. Stupid elitist liberals can't even eat the same food as the rest of us.

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