Friday, November 21, 2003

Paul Krugman at the Philadelphia Public Library 

Ran into Atrios there, and we talked a little substitute gym teacher shop....

Anyhow, I'm sure he can write the policy up better than I can, so I will tell a story instead.

I was sitting in a pizza joint near my apartment in Philly about six months ago and two white-haired guys were talking to each other about the war in Iraq.

And as I ate my (delicious) pizza, and drank my (fountain) coke, I listened in on their conversation, and got more and more enraged. Bush had done something, I don't know, something of the kind we're all so used to now it isn't even news, and finally I heard one of them ask "What about the 3000 we lost?"

At which point—beyond my endurance point since even then the Bush lie on AQ/Iraq connections as a justification for the war had been thoroughly exposed—I lost it and started yelling.

I remember I yelled "Iraq doesn't have anything to do with Bin Laden!" and a whole lot else, and when the old guy could get a word in edgewise, finally, he asked me "Will you calm down?" And when I agreed, he said "I'm against the war!"

So I saw the same guy at Krugman's lecture...

Krugman says it's going to be a rough ride for the next few years. But maybe there's some hope....

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