Tuesday, November 25, 2003

"Moral Disembowelment" 

When Bush wins big, the world loses even bigger.

That's the gist of this article from "Grist" by way of Working for Change.

It's about the hole in the ozone, and uses the example of a small Chilean city whose inhabitants have the bad luck to be situated so as to experience on a greater scale than the rest of us, the deadly effects of those infrared rays that leak through the hole.

This was in 2000, when the ozone hole was at its largest ever -- 11.5 million square miles, bigger than Canada and Russia combined.


Despite the magnitude of the problem and the attendant health concerns, the people of Punta Arenas had reason for cautious optimism back in 2000. If they had the misfortune to be among those most directly afflicted by the depletion of the ozone layer, at least the global community was making a good-faith effort to resolve their predicament, thanks to the Montreal Protocol, often considered the most successful international environmental treaty ever negotiated.

That was then, in 2000. What's different now, in 2003? George W. Bush.

Read the rest to find out how the Bush administration earns, through its actions, proudly one imagines, Karen Schultz's epithet that provides the title of this post.

Then take brief notes in a handy form that you can whip out whenever necessary, to help you explain, with specifics, to anyone skeptical that Bush is really all that bad, why he is.

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