Thursday, October 30, 2003

A Prick From A Prick 

Donald Luskin had always struck us as more to be pitied than despised. It's not fun to be obsessed by another human being you want to hate but can't let go of, especially if that person insists on going about their life and work as if you didn't exist. All those words expended about Herr Krugman, and not a single phone call, not even an indignant protest, during those long Saturday nights, waiting by the phone. Who among us hasn't been there, and done that?

Early this AM, but later than almost everyone else, we found out we were wrong. In addition to being that "Terribly Unsuccessful Fund Manager," as Sullywatch is pointing out everywhere, Mr. Luskin is a despicable, unprincipled, shmuck.

Aside from all the fru fru window dressing of law firms and letters and threats and deadlines, Donald Luskin's pathetic attempt to intimidate Atrios, the Godfather of this blog as of so many others, has turned out to be an irritation more than anything else, an unimportant prick from a self-important one.

The response, witty, wise, generous, principled and outraged has been heartening, even inspiring. Misha at The Rottweiler has chimed in and provoked an interesting comments thread, and the NRO has at least had the sense to be embarrassed by Mr. Luskin's frivolous use of our Justice system.

We should note that Luskin is not alone in his obsession with Krugman; in fact, scroll down at The Corner, and you'll run into lots of free-floating Krugman bashing, "lots" compared to the single post questioning Luskin's actions. (It all has to do with this hilarious and witty notion that for each sign of improvement in the economy, Krugman kicks his cat, or a cat, or a friends cat; from this trope flows much snarky adolescent humor.) The distinguished economist and professor is providing more than mere irritation to much of the right in this country.

We were Atrios, for a little while; Mr. Luskin has provided us the opportunity, along with many others, to proclaim to Luskin, and his lawyer, and the world, that we are still Atrios. This petty attempt to use a bogus lawsuit to unearth the private identity of a blogger who's public identity is displayed daily at Escaton, is doomed; like so many others we hereby take the pledge that we endorse the post and the comments thread being objected to and that Mr. Luskin now needs to include this little upstart of a blog in any legal action he might be contemplating. You are a stalker, Mr. Luskin, you are a crybaby, Mr. Luskin, you are a winer, Mr. Luskin, and to end on a note that is not unduly negative, we are happy to acknowledge, Mr. Luskin, that this little incident probably rates as a personal best for you, in the annals of bad sportsmanship.

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