Sunday, October 12, 2003

More lying Republicans 

  YARL Threat Alert!             
Business as usual!
This one's so routine it doesn't really warrant jacking up the alert level... We'll leave it at green....

Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune writes:

If Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chirinjeev Kathuria makes it to the March primary ballot, the one vote he may not be able to count on is his own.

The 38-year-old Oak Brook business promoter isn't registered to vote. According to election officials in DuPage County, where he grew up and still lives with his parents, he never has been.

That is only one of the striking inconsistencies surrounding Kathuria, whose campaign is built on highly embellished claims of success as an international business tycoon.

A firm he until recently touted as a groundbreaking Internet site for health information is on life support, $3 million in debt, and has been sued by suppliers.

After looting and bootlicking, lying is what Republicans do best!

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