Thursday, September 18, 2003

"Shrill" once more 

Yep, "shrill" is definitely on the RNC's word list (the one the RNC forces all the Rovelicans to memorize). Here's a good one, from Tom "I'm not French" DéLay:

"The president's critics will spew their shrill rhetoric anew, but we understand we have a war to win," said Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas. "Security never goes on sale."

As usual with the Rovelicans, Le Comte de Buggyville's words are:

  1. Projection-filled: "spew" sounds pretty "shrill" to me

  2. Full of hidden and false assumptions: What does winning the war in Iraq mean, operationally? And if we do win it, does that have anything at to do with winning the war on terror? And what is the operational definition of that?

  3. Full of lies: Security is exactly "on sale." First, because a large part of the war has been privatized, and second because our domestic security is underfunded, now and for the forseeable future, because the Rovelicans can't handle money, starting with the tax cuts for the super-rich.

Jeebus, decoding this Rovelican bullshit is like reading Pravda. It's hard work, but someone has to do it! Anyone else got any gems like Der Bugster's "spewage"?

Shrill is, of course, already in the Lexicon of Liberal Invective, so we are already innoculated against it.

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