Friday, September 19, 2003

Saving Muslims in Kosovo 

You know, if the Bushies weren't ideologically driven and hog stupid, they'd be trumpeting America's triumph in saving Balkan Muslims from massacre in Iraq right now, as an example of the sort of good that America can do in the world.

But since The Clenis™ did that, mention Kosovo is taboo. Anyhow, here are some stirring words from our last elected President:

Clinton is adored by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority for leading the coalition that halted the brutal crackdown on ethnic Albanians seeking independence four years ago.

He appealed to them to speak out against ethnic killings.

"You cannot build a new Kosovo on retributive violence," he said. "No one ever gets even in this life."

"Last time I was here, I admitted that you could never forget the injustices and inhumanity you suffered and that no outsider, including me, could force you to forgive anyone," Clinton said. "But you should try. Not for them, but for you. I want you to be free."


And words I should probably take to heart.

But like St. Augustine, "Not yet, oh lord, not yet." First I want the stomp the Republicans. Then I'll forgive them.

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