Thursday, September 04, 2003

Instant analysis of the Democrats Debate 

Bush looks vulnerable on national security. Surprise!

Ron Fournier of AP writes:

Now Bush must "go back to the very people he humiliated," said Dean, who by the luck of the draw got the first question at a televised debate among eight of the nine Democrats seeking the party's presidential nomination.

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts said that "the swagger of a president who says 'bring 'em on' does not bring our troops peace or safety." Added Gephardt: "We have a president who has broken up alliances that Democratic and Republican presidents have put together over 70 years."

What's that old saying? "Be nice to people on your way up, since you could meet them on your way down?" Guess Blotchy never heard that one...

Oh, the the Dems managed to avoid forming a circular firing squad:

[The] Democrats who want to replace President Bush brushed aside their own differences ...

Good news, but Ron? No Democrat (or democrat) wants to replace Bush—hopefully, that's impossible. We want to remove him.

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