Thursday, September 04, 2003

Double your pleasure, double your fun! 

By Glenn Kessler and Mike Allen of WaPo via the Austin Statesman here:

The request, which congressional budget analysts said would be nearly double what Congress expected, reflects the deepening cost of the 5-month-old U.S. occupation and serves as an acknowledgement by the Bush administration that it vastly underestimated the price tag for restoring order to Iraq and rebuilding the country's battered infrastructure.
... One proposal would allocate about $55 billion for the Pentagon and $10 billion for reconstruction.

We're waiting for the apology from the neo-cons and the chickenhawks on this one...

And only $10 billion availab for more no-bid contracts to wired Booblican firlems? Chump change, my friends!

But not to worry! The $55 billion will surely be for only this year!

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